Saila Tinu, Qu'el'saruk (sailatinu) wrote in ljchicago,
Saila Tinu, Qu'el'saruk

Anyone game?

UR invites you to Play the Field@ The Field Museum

Thursday March 20, 2003
Play the Field @ The Field Museum
1400 S. Lakeshore Drive

WHERE: UR Chicago is sponsoring the Play the Field event this month! Mix culture with cocktails while listening to some of the nation's top live bands. Schmooze with Sue, and be one of the first to see the popular Baseball in America exhibit for FREE. Come see the stuff of legends and celebrate a nation’s spirit. "Make History"! All proceeds benefit the Field Museum.

WHEN: Thursday, March 20, 2003 from 6-11PM.

SOUNDS: Come hear a wide variety of musical genres. Jay Farrar, founder of Son Volt & Uncle Tupelo, will play country rock; while, DJ Madrid spins a mix of latin, jazz, house and hip-hop.

DRINKS: Two free drinks with ticket purchase.

COVER: Tickets are only $10 if you get on our RSVP list.
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