Saila Tinu, Qu'el'saruk (sailatinu) wrote in ljchicago,
Saila Tinu, Qu'el'saruk

Movie night (as soon in my own Journal)

Well! It is coming time for a Movie Evening! This Saturday! Movie Night!
Saturday the 18th of May!

Come one come all! to Moooovie Night!

I'm going to try to kick it a German Theme, if I can, but if we get over-ridden, it happens.

In the effort of that German Theme, well, it'd be more like a Franka Potente theme!

Run Lola Run
The Princess and the Warrior

So, if you're going to be here, or going to be coming or want to come, let me know ;)
And I'll be sure there is a place for you!
As always, I try to aim for the 8PM or so, that gives most people a chance to make it here :)

Any questions, concerns, and/or if you're coming, comment, and let me know! :)
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