Saila Tinu, Qu'el'saruk (sailatinu) wrote in ljchicago,
Saila Tinu, Qu'el'saruk

This weekends potluck dinner and movie!

Well, (as I reference the going link/poll again, here it is for those who missed it!)

So, the current going plan is, that we'd likely start the fooding around 5:30-6PM, sort of like last time..
And likely start showing the movies around 8PM, sort of like last time. :)

This is the part where I ask, "Hey, what you people bringing? ;)"
I know that jasper17 is bringing fresh curry she'll be making..
And I know I'll likely be making some kind of complex dish, as I tend to make (Any suggestions? I'm open to them!)

So, you other folks of the world, who are bringing something, Whatcha bringing?
Others of you who don't know what to bring? or want to aid the cause by bringing something? If you're in the mood to bring
things, let us know! we can make suggestions!

Also, whomever may need directions or rides or such, let me know here as well, so we can make it all happen!

The movie(s) we'll be watching have not yet been defined, however they'll become more firm as we get closer..

So, please comment, what you're bringing, etc! woo!
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